Selectives Showcase, Fall 2015

Yesterday’s inaugural Selectives Showcase revealed the magic that happens when students engage in fearless curiosity Here’s a virtual tour of the festivities for those of you who were unable to attend.

The ORIGAMI class treated guests to games, quizzes, displays, and tutorials, showing off their understanding of the geometric concepts behind the art of paper folding.



Our BRIDGE BUILDERS displayed their final creations. Some of their bridges were able to sustain weights of fifty to sixty pounds. They also engaged in a game of tug-of-war to demonstrate the importance of tension.



Our INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM students shared their magazine of original writing and photojournalism.



In the BEYOND THE SELFIE class, students wrote photographic statements and then used smartphones and iPads to take creative photographs that reflected these statements. They shared their final portfolios at the Showcase.

Beyond selfie best


In HOODS UP, students explored the origin of the internal combustion engine and gained some valuable lessons in effective teamwork, both of which were on display during the showcase.



In SPORTS AND SOCIETY students explored questions of legalized gambling and gender equity . . . and then let their guests weigh in with their opinion.

Sports Society


NEWS FLASH students analyzed news stories, exploring the sensational and misleading tactics the media sometimes employs to hook viewers and readers.

Newsflash 2


Students in ALTERNATIVE PHOTOGRAPHIC PROCESSES learned several techniques for printing and image making and shared their portfolios with our guests.

Photographic processes 2


In CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION 2015, students studied the components of the US Constitution and then developed a constitution for their own imaginary nation.



STOP-MOTION ANIMATION students used claymation and illustration to create original short films.

Stop motion 2


The students behind the FASTEST LITERARY MAGAZINE EVER MADE shared some of their stories and creative writing techniques.

Fastest Literary


What would it be like TO BE INVISIBLE FOR A DAY? How would you use your power? Students in this Selective examined such moral questions.



Two groups engaged in moviemaking this semester. DOCUSELECTIVE created several short documentaries about our Selective classes, and MOVIE MAKING students recorded assemblies, created an infomercial about how to audition for the musical, and produced a spoof about how to study for exams.



FROM BROADWAY TO RUNWAY students shared their fashion and sewing skills — from designing costumes to creating accessories.

Broadway runway 2


HOW TO WRITE A TED TALK students already presented at Fort Worth TEDx, but in an encore performance we heard about their visions for how to change the world.



SHERLOCK HOLMES students — after analyzing past representations of the famed detective — created a 21st-century interpretation and produced a short film.

EVERYTHING JAPAN students shared what they learned during their deep investigation of life and culture in Japan.

To conclude the Selectives Showcase, the SHOW CHOIR performed two pieces: a polyrhythmic “Jingle Bells,” and a choreographed medley from “Grease.”


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