TVS Teachers in the News: “Insights from the World of Work”

This month’s Educational Leadership — the flagship magazine of ASCD — includes an article I wrote about Project 2025 and the remarkable action-research our teachers have been involved in during the last two years.

The article begins:

How do we prepare students for a world that doesn’t yet exist?

For years, the middle school faculty at Trinity Valley School in Fort Worth, Texas, has wrestled with this question, trying to determine what skills students will need to succeed in the world they will be entering. We read Tony Wagner’s Creating Innovators and Bernie Trilling and Charles Fadel’s 21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times. We developed portraits of our ideal middle and high school graduate. We did a lot of talking.

But we needed a mechanism to take our conversations a step further—a way to galvanize the faculty and create a sense of urgency for reshaping curriculum around the most essential skills.

Enter Project 2025.

You can read the full article by clicking here: “Insights from the World of Work.”

If you want to read more about Project 2025, you can click on this link. 


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