Raising Kids in the Digital Age

Next Wednesday, January 11, the TVS Parents’ Club will host a special screening of “Screenagers: Growing Up in the Digital Age.”

This widely-heralded documentary “probes into the vulnerable corners of family life, including the director’s own, and depicts messy struggles over social media, video games, academics and internet addiction. Through surprising insights from authors and brain scientists, solutions emerge on how we can empower kids to best navigate the digital world.” 

You can watch the trailer here.

I am grateful to the Parents’ Club for bringing this event to campus. Our children are growing up in a world that looks very different than the one we were raised in, and helping our kids navigate the challenges and opportunities in this new world can feel daunting — and, at times, isolating for parents. I wish I could say I was surprised when I saw this article from NPR make the rounds on social media last week: Being Mom to a Middle Schooler Can Be the Toughest Gig of All.  As one parent interviewed in the article said:

“Parenting a tween is harder than mothering an infant. When Ben was a baby, I worried about his sleeping and eating schedules, but those were things I could kind of control. Now, I obsess over how much freedom I should give him when he’s playing Pokémon Go with his friends, and how I can monitor what he’s doing online. In many ways, he’s more on his own now, and I have to trust him to make the right choices.”

When you join Trinity Valley School, you join a community that is here to support you during the ups and downs of raising remarkable young people. You should never feel alone in your questions or concerns. From Parents’ Club events to Middle School Coffees to  individual support from your child’s advisor, here at TVS we are your “partners in learning, experts in education.”

P.S.  Here are a few oldie-but-goodie “Notes from the Middle” posts about raising middle school students that you might find helpful.



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