“Lunch in the Zombie Apocalypse” and Other New Classes

A new round of seventh and eighth grade Selectives courses started this week, and the middle school teachers are shaking things up. Seven new offerings are joining perennial favorites – everything from building remote-controlled cars to surviving a zombie apocalypse. Talk about twenty-first century skills . . . !

Take a look at the course descriptions of our new Selectives offerings. (For a visual tour of last semester’s classes, click here.)

Dr. Wood and Ms. Hansen

People said it was great television, but then it actually happened. The zombies came and shut down civilization. No government, no police, no schools. Worse than that, no Chick-fil-A, no Whataburger, not even a Kroger! Now it’s past noon, and frankly, you’d like a little lunch.

All you want is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, maybe a chocolate chip cookie. But you have to start from scratch. You’ve got some wheat stalks, sugar cane, a few peanuts, some strawberries. But how do you turn that into a lunch? How do you make “Lunch in the Zombie Apocalypse”?!

Mr. Sahs, Mr. Snyder, Mr. Craig

Speed, racing, teamwork, competition, and the thrill of the challenge define this selective. In teams, we will be building remote controlled race cars that reach speeds of 30 mph!!! As part of a pit crew that includes a Crew Chief, Car Chief, Marketing Executive, and technicians, you will design a logo, build a car, blog about your progress, and RACE! There will be prizes for winning teams, and our cars will be auctioned to benefit TVS!

Start your engines!

Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Cornelius

Are you interested in art, designing, engineering and fabrication? How would you like to turn a piece of art you’ve coded into a physical object? In this selective, we will code an original piece of 2-D art and use software to turn it into a 3-D object to be printed.

What is 3D printing? It is the process of taking an idea in your mind, putting it on paper or writing the code to create it, and using computer-aided design (or CAD) to create a blueprint of the object. Then the design is sent to a 3D printer, and the printer creates it layer by layer and makes the design that you dreamed in your head into a real life object.

For half of this selective course, you will learn how to use Tinkercad in order to create 3D objects. The other half will involve learning Processing, a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts.

The final project will be to design a boat using Tinkercad for 3D printing. There will be a keychain project that uses both Coding and Tinkercad. At the end of the Selectives course, we will race our boats in an inflatable raceway.

Mrs. Harper and Mr. McEacheron

In the Outdoor Leadership Selective, you will develop and practice advanced outdoor skills that will help you as you move through the TOE program at TVS as well as in the creation of your own personal adventures. We will learn and utilize navigation, backcountry cooking and fire building, campsite selection and set up, and many other skills. In addition, we will begin to learn about wilderness first aid, managing younger students in the woods, and planning your own trips.

These skills will be put to the test this spring as you assist Upper School Student Leaders in managing the 3rd grade TOE Trip all day and help with the camping experience that night. In addition, we will have the opportunity to plan our own outdoor experience based on what we’ve learned. Depending on weather, student availability, and other variables that we will discuss, we will hopefully be able to carry out this experience and go on the adventure that we developed.

Ms. MacNabb

Do you love taking pictures or shooting video on your phone or iPad?
Do you love to edit and add special effects to those pictures and videos?
Ever wonder what the students in Mr. Russell’s Animal Behavior selective are analyzing?
What does World Peace look like with Dr. Roemer?
How does Ms. Hansen’s selective make those animated movies?
What recipe was created and prepared in Mrs. Munsen’s Spanish cooking class?
How do students create those awesome origami shapes with Ms. Heller?

If you love filmmaking AND are curious about what happens in the other selective classes in the middle school, Docuselective, is the selective for you. Students will explore video creation and special effects Apps such as Magisto, CuteCUT, iMovie, Movie FX, and other new releases to create documentary films about other middle school selectives. Let’s get digitally creative!

Mr. Russell

In this course students will attempt to develop the perfect country or a utopian society. Each session will be devoted to a certain concern that any nation must confront (e.g., pollution, corruption, poverty, security, health, etc.). There will be discussion, disagreement, debate, and research. This “council” of students will tackle these highly contested matters and come to a consensus in order generate possible solutions. The primary objective is to learn what has worked, what is working, and what does not work, through reasoning, argumentation, and collaboration. Students will also foster their sense of respect for the thoughts and opinions of others as they actively and openly listen to one another.

Mrs. Exley

Do you like to make crafts but don’t know how to sew? Do you enjoy or are searching for an opportunity to give back to your community? Perfect! Join Crafts for Charity to learn how to make a variety of goods such as hats, scarfs, blankets, dog toys, etc. that will be donated to various organizations within the Fort Worth community.

photo credit: Ulf Bodin Barley, July 31, 2016 via photopin (license)

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