The Great Kindness Challenge, Middle School Style

Middle school students no longer cart in Valentine’s boxes covered in glitter and paper hearts on February 14. But they still get to join in on the Valentine’s Day fun!  This February, our sixth and eighth grade advisory groups will embrace the Great Kindness Challenge by showering our lower school students with kindness in several creative ways.

Sixth Grade Advisory Activities: Fun with First Grade Friends

  • Mrs. Shelton’s advisory will join their first grade friends in the courtyard and lead them in the game Simon Says.
  • Mrs. Peninger’s advisory will help first graders deliver Valentines to TVS faculty and staff!
  • Mrs. Adams’ and Mr. Churchward’s advisory will work together to create bags of bird seed for students to share with the birds around the community.
  • Mrs. Frey’s and Mrs. Hooker’s advisory will make Kind Wish necklaces with their first grade friends!
  • Mr. Buck’s advisory will spend time assisting lower school students in the dining hall during lunch!

Eighth Grade Advisory Activities: The Kindness Table

Each Tuesday and Thursday in February, the eighth grade will staff a Kindness Station for lower school students in the Dining Hall. Here are some of the activities that will take place at this station, depending on the day.

  • Free Compliments: Our eighth graders will introduce themselves to lower school students and ask them a few questions to get to know them better –  and then use what they learn to create a compliment just for them!
  • Acrostic Poems: Eighth graders will create an original acrostic poem for each student who approaches the Kindness Table.
  • Joke Table: Eighth graders will share silly jokes with kids who come up to the table.
  • Stickers: Our lower school kids will receive a sticker promoting kindness, with a reminder to look for ways to “pay it forward.”

Special thanks to our school counselor, Mrs. Peninger, for coordinating these activities — simple ways to embrace our middle school motto: “We leave a place better than we found it.”

The world may be riddled with complicated problems, but as Aesop reminds us, “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” When we send kindness into the world, it creates a ripple. This month, the middle school is making waves.

photo credit: aotaro (HMM) Just White Paper via photopin (license)

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