Selectives Showcase IV: Creativity in High Gear

Last Thursday, the middle school transformed once again into an interactive museum for our fourth semi-annual Selectives Showcase. I am constantly amazed by the breadth and depth of our Selectives offerings — and the creativity and curiosity our students bring to their work. Here are a few snapshots of the morning!


Audience members enjoyed the premiere screening of 15 short documentaries — one for each Selective — written, directed, and produced by students.


Coding and 3D Printing

Championship boat race! This was the final activity for our 3D Printing/Coding Selective. Each student designed a boat using Tinkercad software and then printed them on our 3D printer. 

Guests got to see coding in action during the Showcase.

Outdoor Leadership

After studying navigation, backcountry cooking and fire building, campsite selection and set up, and many other skills, members of this Selective helped run a Lower School TOE Trip — and planned one of their own!



Young songwriters are pictured here with their iPads out, ready to play their original compositions for guests.



Guests got to play an Origami Guessing Game — and marvel at the folded paper creations from this Selective.


Crafts for Charity

After spending the semester making goods to donate to animal shelters and homeless shelters, members of this Selective allowed guests to try their hand at crafting.

R/C Grand Prix

Student engineers not only built these beauties, they raced them on the TVS track!


Spanish and Latin American Cooking

Senora Munson’s room was the place to be to enjoy a savory snack and learn more about Spanish and Latin American cuisine.


Lunch in the Zombie Apocalypse

Imagine that zombies came and shut down civilization. No government, no police, no schools. Worse than that, no Chick-fil-A, no Whataburger, not even a Kroger! Now it’s past noon, and frankly, you’d like a little lunch. But you have to start from scratch. You’ve got some wheat stalks, sugar cane, a few peanuts, some strawberries. But how do you turn that into a lunch? Here’s how:



World Peace Game

Decide the name, symbol and flag of your country. How will you work with your friends and foes to establish peace in the world? That was the challenge these students faced.


Broadway to Runway

From scrunchies to costume bloomers for this week’s production of Guys and Dolls, members of this Selective put their new skills to practical use!


Perfect Nation

In this course students attempted to develop the perfect country or a utopian society. They shared their vision with guests on Thursday!


Production Company

Did you miss the Selectives Showcase? There is one last Selective that will be on full display this week! The “Production Company” is putting on Guys and Dolls! Click here for showtimes:





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