Additional Articles

Insights from the World of Work (Educational Leadership, March 2016)

Asking successful professionals which skills they think graduates will most need pushed these middle school teachers to change their practice.

Coding in the Middle School (The Trojan Voice, Spring 2016)

By introducing middle school students to coding — through Skills for Tomorrow, Coding Club, and Open Labs — we are opening a window to a dynamic, creative, and expanding professional field.

Meet the Literacy of the Future: Design Thinking (The Trojan Voice, Fall 2015)

Design thinking trains students to empathize, collaborate, problem-solve, build, and learn from mistakes — the very skills that are most essential for their future success.

Project 2025: How Middle School Teachers Research the Future  (The Trojan Voice, Spring 2015)

Here was the challenge we faced: how to develop an informed empathy for our students’ future selves – 22-year-olds facing a workplace very different from our own.

The Art of Teaching: Moving From One Canvas to Another (The Trojan Voice, Fall 2014)

School is no longer simply a physical place; rather, it is an activity that travels with students wherever they go.

Innovation for the iWorld: The Middle School iPad Initiative (The Trojan Voice, Spring 2014)

With the guidance of good teachers, technology becomes a vehicle for enhancing pedagogy, personalizing instruction, and helping students develop twenty-first century skills.

Selectives (The Trojan Voice, Fall 2013)

Creativity and innovation are skills that can be fostered — especially with the support of role models who make it safe and exciting to discover new ways of doing things. 

What Makes Someone a Great Teacher? (The Trojan Voice, Spring 2013)

According to student focus groups, great teachers inspire, explore, create, make, help, listen, hear, structure, see, teach, establish, practice, redirect, laud, support, believe, and want.

Let Them Play?! (The Trojan Voice, Fall 2012)

Play is training for the unexpected.


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