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One Final Note to Say Goodbye

It’s never easy to say goodbye. And to some extent, I have dreaded crafting my last Notes from The Middle at Trinity Valley School. But here goes… One aspect of Trinity Valley School that I have treasured is the guiding principle that each individual matters. We respect each person’s individuality, and this makes our community stronger. There is a story that

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Selectives Showcase IV: Creativity in High Gear

Last Thursday, the middle school transformed once again into an interactive museum for our fourth semi-annual Selectives Showcase. I am constantly amazed by the breadth and depth of our Selectives offerings — and the creativity and curiosity our students bring to their work. Here are a few snapshots of the morning! Docuselective Audience members enjoyed the premiere screening of 15 short documentaries

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Zen Mice and the Art of Deep Breathing

It’s nice when science confirms common sense. At some point in your life as a parent, I am sure you have encouraged an agitated, anxious, or angry child to “take a deep breath.” (I detailed one such moment in the post “Take a Deep Breath and Try Again”). Deep breathing helps us calm down. We know that intuitively and experientially.

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Helping Teens Develop Emotional Agility

At some point during your child’s middle school years, you reach a tremendous milestone: You become the parents of a teenager. It’s a watershed moment that sometimes earns you sympathy and advice from other parents who have “been-there-done-that” – and comments such as “Hang on tight! You are in for a wild ride!” It’s no secret that teenagers deal with

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Why Zzz’s Are as Vital as ABC’s

“But I don’t want to go to bed!” That’s my three-year-old’s nightly mantra. It turns out that toddlers and middle school students have a lot in common: the desire for independence, incredible physical and cognitive growth spurts .  . . and bodies and brains that need a lot of sleep, even when they don’t want it. Often, middle schoolers think

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The Great Kindness Challenge, Middle School Style

Middle school students no longer cart in Valentine’s boxes covered in glitter and paper hearts on February 14. But they still get to join in on the Valentine’s Day fun!  This February, our sixth and eighth grade advisory groups will embrace the Great Kindness Challenge by showering our lower school students with kindness in several creative ways. Sixth Grade Advisory

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