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The Case for Empathy: What Google Discovered about Effective Teamwork

“All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten,” Robert Fulghum famously wrote. Someday, our students might look back and say, “All I really needed to know about effective teamwork, I learned in middle school.” The modern workplace is marked by creative collaboration.  In Silicon Valley, for example, “software engineers are encouraged to work together, in part because studies

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A Few Remarks About Our Remarkable Teachers

On Monday evening, Trinity Valley School will host its inaugural State of the School address. When I pause to catch my breath as we wrap up this jam-packed semester, I can unequivocally say that the state of the middle school is vibrant. And it’s because of our outstanding faculty. They are not just remarkable teachers; they are remarkable people. It’s not just

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Helping Our Students Lead with Dignity

Dr. Donna Hicks has served as a conflict negotiator in the Middle East, Sri Lanka, Cuba, and Northern Ireland. And in February, she sat down – via Skype – to chat with some of our seventh and eighth graders about a topic close to her heart: dignity. Last year, the entire faculty read Hicks’ bestselling book Dignity: The Essential Role

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