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Meet the Teacher Night 2016: Embracing a Growth Mindset

Middle school is a marvelous, messy, magical time. Students enter fifth grade as children and they leave eighth grade as confident young adults. And during this period of profound growth, they spend a lot of time exploring who they are and who they want to become. Part of our job as middle school educators is to help them see possibilities

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First Day Thoughts: How to Turn a Mistake into a “Beautiful Oops”

During this morning’s opening Middle School Convocation, I shared this reflection with our students. Everyone in this room is going to experience moments of success this year. You will learn new skills, compete on the playing field, perform on the stage, and adventure in the great outdoors. And, undoubtedly, you will also have moments where you struggle. We will all

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Meet the Teacher Night Remarks: The Power of “Yet”

Earlier this summer Annie, my four-year-old, decided to tackle a climbing wall at a local playground. Despite her eagerness, I could see the trepidation in her eyes as she struggled to find a foothold. At some point, she uttered that cry of frustration that every parent has heard a thousand times, “I can’t do it!” Parenthood involves a lot trial

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Raising Problem Solvers: Meet the Teacher Night Remarks 2014

We passed a profound milestone this year, and I’m not talking about our iPad initiative or the groundbreaking for our new middle school building. This year, for the first time, every student in our middle school was born in the twenty-first century. I’ll let that sink in for a minute. I’ve spilled a lot of ink writing about twenty-first century

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