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Selectives 4.0: How TVS Teachers Expand Imagination

Now entering Year 4, our Selectives program has never been more dynamic.  In addition to several old favorites, we are offering new courses in creative coding, 3D-printing, broadcast journalism, animal science, songwriting, and Latin American cooking! If you are unfamiliar with our Selectives program, here are some important details we think you ought to know. Selectives does more than expose

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Digital Footprints: Helping Kids Develop Responsible Online Habits

When we teach kids about digital citizenship, one key concept we keep returning to is that of a “digital footprint.” Digital footprints are the trails of data we leave behind as we engage in online activities. A couple of times in the last year, I have heard TVS students mention that they like a particular app – Snapchat — because

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Connection: How Twitter Can Support Adult Learning

Sent as a letter to parents on January 10, 2014 I have enjoyed seeing so many of you at our iPad information sessions.  As we’ve talked about how technology can support student learning, I am reminded of how much it has already changed the learning environment for educators. According to a 2013 Pew study, 92% of teachers say the internet

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The 21st Century Classroom: Why iPads are The Right Tool For Our Middle School

Reflections on our impending move to a 1:1 iPad program in grades 6-8. Two years ago, I sat with the middle school faculty, and we imagined what the world would look like in 20 years and what skills students would need in order to be successful in that world of the future.  I firmly believe that the iPad will be

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