Project 2025

Close your eyes and imagine your child as a 22-year-old college graduate. Now imagine them interviewing for their first full-time job – one that matches their interests and passions. What habits, skills, and expertise would set them apart?

Since 2014, TVS’s middle school teachers have been engaged in a group research and design project that is changing the way we think about curriculum.

At the outset, each middle school teacher identified an expert in a field outside of K-12 education to interview, asking three questions:

  • How is your field changing?
  • What skills, habits, or mindsets make people successful in your field?
  • What advice would you have for young people interested in joining your profession – what would set them apart?

Want to learn more about what happened when we came together to analyze our results?

Click here to read “Insights from the World of Work” — an article on Project 2025 that I wrote for Educational Leadership.

Click here to read “The Skills Students Need to Survive and Thrive,” an article  written by one of our interviewees who was inspired by our project.

Click here to read more about our research and design process.

Click here to explore our findings.




One comment

  • Hi Mike! Curious to learn what actions you’ve taken as a result of your findings. Have you shared those yet in a post or elsewhere? Thanks!

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